International Association for the History of Religions Executive Committee statement concerning Russian war against Ukraine

In the wake of renewed Russian invasion of Ukraine we express our solidarity with the suffering Ukrainian people and our academic colleagues – scholars of the study of religions, who instead of conducting research and teaching students have to seek a safe haven against the bombing of their homes and cities. The scale and brutality of the military aggression unleashed by the Russian state against its peaceful neighbour demands that we take a stance and act without delay. In strong solidarity with the suffering Ukrainian nation we recommend that all member associations of the International Association of the History of Religions:

a) terminate all cooperation with academic institutions and scholarly associations working in the study of religions area that have links to the Russian state or receive any form of Russian state funding or recognition;

b) allow Russian scholars to participate in the international and regional scientific events linked with IAHR only as independent scholars not representing any Russian state research and/or study institution;

c) allow Russian scholars to publish their research results in the academic journals linked with IAHR and its member associations only as independent scholars not representing any Russian state research and/or study institution;

d) refrain from publishing in academic journals funded by Russian state institutions.

These recommendations should come into effect immediately after the dissemination of this statement and will apply until further notice.

We also urge all IAHR national associations to discuss how their members can contribute to helping the Ukrainian state and its people at this time by sharing employment and refugee information with Ukrainian colleagues as well as considering possibilities to arrange political support for Ukraine by approaching national governments and regional organisations.

February 27, 2022